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Register for items on your wishlist from your favorite Handmade Retailers! - TRACK YOUR ETSY VIEWS AND HEARTS!

Just enter your Etsy Username into the search box and it will let you know what your items HEART AND VIEWS ARE!

Check it out and search for your favorite ETSY members!

siempre - dorana

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Ummmm yeah! I love Craftcult! I launch it in the morning and hit UPDATE throughout the day. Oh, and when I relist something OR list something new I update constantly! VERY ADDICTING! I LOVE IT!

This is amazing. And interesting in that the items I especially love and NOT the ones with the most hearts.
This is freakin' fabulous!!! One place where you can look at item hearts, yay!!! No more, clicking on the item page, then clicking on who hearts this item, then two more clicks back to get to the next item. Hey, we can even check out each others items too....hmmm. I love this, can you tell, thanks Dorana!



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