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So a few of us were chatting in the MMG thread on Etsy & we decided to have a fun challenge for August.

CHALLENGE: peacock

WHO? ANYONE! You don't have to be part of MHR or MMG to participate, but it would be easier to follow us along / keep track of everything if you are.

WHAT? Create an item inspired by the majestic peacock. You don't have to have a peacock or feather in your work - just as long as you can explain how you were inspired to make this item. It can be ANYTHING! You don't have to list the item on Etsy if you don't want to.

WHEN? August 1 - 31.

WHERE & HOW (DO I SHOW YOU)? Here! Post a picture of the item you make in the comments of this discussion. If you aren't part of MHR, just make sure I (Ulixis) see your entry & I'll post a picture for you (giving you full credit of course).

WHY? Why not?!!?! It's going to be a lot of fun seeing what everyone comes up with!

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i cant wait.. this is going to be fun!
Ooh I've got fantastic ideas already!
this does sound like Fun..
I'll have to figure something out..
Hi there - hope I'm doing this right. Here's my entry:
Might add another later :)
I've got another! Come on in and show me yours!
I guess I'm running away with it! Here's one more:
Here is my peacock painting. I think you all know how it relates to a peacock.

Can't wait to see everyone's ideas
Oh thanks Jerise! I was just finally coming on here to post it! You're so on the ball.
awww... August is over. :( I wish I had had time to make something for this.... ah well. Maybe once my craft show is over..


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