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The CAKE - Our HANDMADE ETSY WEDDING - Dorana & Todd 12/26/2009

I have been fantasizing about my Aunt's Brandy-Almond Wedding Cake with
cream cheese icing for the last 17 years!
After consulting with 14 - yes, fourteen local bakeries
and driving my family insane, we decided that there would be no wedding
cake - we'd have pies instead!

It seems that even though there are bakeries that can make a cake in the
shape of The Eiffel Tower, not one was willing to make a cake
that wasn't just white, yellow, or chocolate cake with some kind of
filling in the middle!
So pies it would be!


We just wanted a couple of the amazing pies from the local pub...But my
sister just wouldn't hear it!
"You can't have a wedding PIE! I'll
make you a brandy-almond cake with cream cheese icing!"


We want PIES!

Did I mention that my wedding was the day after CHRISTMAS!?

Who on Earth would want to be baking a cake during the holidays!?
That Christmas Eve, my little sister came over with a sampling tray of variations of brandy-almond cake with cream cheese
icing... JUST like the professional cake shows!

There were brandy-soaked cakes, brandy baked in cakes, some with chocolate fudge
fillings, some with vanilla pudding fillings, some with vanilla pudding
and fudge filling... You name it, my little sister prepared it!

We sampled, okay we devoured the
entire tray of delicious mini cakes!

We chose the Lindt chocolate and vanilla pudding filling and ironically, the almond cake without the brandy!

It's funny how once you get what you think you want, it turns out that it's not what
you want at all!

On the morning of our wedding as my sister, mother and I enjoyed our pampering pedicures, she sat back to tell us
the tale of how she and her fiance stayed up all night baking our

"We ran out of cake batter and it was too late to start making another batch, so I sent
Rumon out to get a box of yellow cake mix...

But it's almost ten o'clock at night on Christmas Day and everything was closed..."

"He walked up to a Hispanic man closing a Bodega (Spanish convenience store that has everything,) in Paterson (not exactly Disney) and says

"Sir WAIT! I just need a box of cake mix!"

"We're closed - it's Christmas!"

"Sir, PLEASE, it's my sister-in-law's wedding tomorrow and we're baking her wedding cake and


Don't make me go home without cake mix!"


Exactly why we wanted: PIES.

From the PUB.

Down the Street.

We laughed hysterically as she painted the picture of her fiance practically mugging a poor convenience
store worker on Christmas desperate for a box of cake mix!

Our Almond and Lindt Chocolate with
Vanilla Pudding Cake with cream cheese icing was absolutely delicious
and beautiful!

THANK YOU PIANCA AND RUMON for making our wedding cake more delicious and special than anything we
could have hoped for!

(My little sister Pianca and I.)

Photography by Stephen Shadrach.

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This is just the best story ever there is nothing like SISTER LOVE.


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