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The FAVORS - Our HANDMADE ETSY WEDDING - Dorana & Todd 12/26/2009

I never imagined that I'd ever be a Christmas Bride! Imagine my surprise
deciding on a wedding date of December, 26th - the day after Christmas!

What a stressful endeavor, a wedding... so many details. I've realized just
what a wonderful blessing it is that we decided on such a short
engagement! The longer the engagement, the more expectations, the
bigger the bridal party, the bigger the show!

The most difficult decisions for me were THE FAVORS! I knew I didn't want
anything chotchkie or cheesy - nothing that would be thrown in a drawer
and forgotten...

And then it hit me! After all, it was CHRISTMAS!


Coquito is Puerto Rican coconut rum eggnog and a family favorite. It couldn't
be just any kind of Coquito - nope - it had to be special!

I found a great wholesale distributor of full-sized glass liquor bottles! Of cou
rse I could have made small flasks instead since Coquito is suppose to be enjoyed as a shot, not a drink, but the image of my
elegant wedding favors fitting into the back pocket of a pair of jeans,
was not what I envisioned!

After a little time on Etsy, I found customized wine bottle labels to match our Red Rose Theme from! I was absolutely thrilled with how beautiful the bottles and the personalized labels came out!

We then wrote the recipe on Letterpress Cards from and attached them with personalized ribbon from!

After 12 dozen eggs, mountains of coconut cream, and 6 gallons of Bacardi
Gold, all the anxiety of choosing the perfect wedding FAVORS for our
guests, faded away as we watched our friends and family toast the night
away with our special brew!

Photography by Stephen Shadrach.

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