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The FLOWERS - Our HANDMADE ETSY WEDDING - Dorana & Todd 12/26/2009

(My father and I right before walking down the aisle.)

I remember surfing through the endless pages of shops when I wa
s first introduced to Etsy's Handmade Community.

When I found it, it was love at first sight!

I was completely awestruck by the beautiful images and was dumbfounded when I read that the amazing floral creations from DK Designs Hawaii were made out of CLAY!

OF COURSE she was featured on the Martha Stewart Show, she creates such life-like flowers out of CLAY that even a Botanist like myself had to take a second look!

I was mesmerized for hours as I shared the link to her shop and website with everyone I knew!

When my little sister announced her engagement, I bought her a small sample bouquet from in celebration and to start planning her big day!

I knew then and there that my wedding would have none other than Diane Phillip's amazing floral creations!

Imagine my nervousness when we turned our engagement into a
four week affair in the middle of the holidays! I sent Diane a message preparing myself for the possibility that she wouldn't be able to do our flowers.

We were ecstatic when she agreed!

Diane created the most gorgeous open ivory and red rose bouquet and flowers
for our wedding! Even in the short time, she allowed me to send her a
piece of the
lace overlay of my gown to use as the wrap on the handle of the bouquet - it was absolutely stunning!

When I had mentioned to our family that we were doing clay flowers instead of traditional fresh flowers, you can imagine the looks of disgust - I
think they imagined me walking down the aisle with a clay pot in my

Everyone was mesmerized as we presented them with the special corsages and boutonnieres and my bouquet is still as beautiful
today as it was on our wedding day!

(My stepmother and stepsister pinning the
boutonnieres on my new husband and father.)

We ordered extra flowers to adorn the wedding cake that my little sister
made for us and we saved and preserved them to send back to Diane to make a Boxwood Wreath for us to hang in our new home!

I can't ever thank you enough Diane for helping us create the special magical touches of our wedding day, last forever.

Photography by Stephen Shadrach and Diane Phillips of DK Designs.

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How unique and lovely! Her detail is amazing.
isnt it lynette!? just incredible! :o)


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