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We've all seen it before.

The bright fuschia dress from a guest that somehow appears in EVERY wedding photo!

NOPE, not at OUR wedding!

It took some serious convincing, but after much begging and pleading, Todd relented and I was thrilled!


My mother was mortified!

"You can't let people wear white to your wedding!"

Of course I could!

My custom made gown was a beautiful ivory and with everyone and everything
in black and white, I was certainly the belle of my ball!

The only color throughout the event were signature Red Roses in my bouquet, flowers, and my Red Satin strappy heels!

The theme of the wedding was beautifully set with the calligraphy lettering for
our invitation by Jerise Fogel from Etsy's

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LOVE Jerise's work!
Me too, me too :) We can form Jerise's Fan Club here ;)
This sounds like a smashingly beautiful wedding event.


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