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siempre - dorana

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I am not to sure if I am doing this right or not. I hope so , but in any event here goes. When my husband and I first met I had recently come out of a really and I do mean really bad relationship. My ex had taken everything including the children's stuff as well. So I was very bitter towards men at the time. I was living in the projects and barely making ends meet with three boys to care for. It was a rough beginning to say the least. But when our first Valentine's Day came along I was beginning to think he didn't have a romantic bone in his body. But to my wonderful surprise he did , That morning before leaving for work he had left me a love letter telling me how he would think of me while he was at work and not only on that day but had been doing so everyday since we met. It was simple and short but it meant the world to me and I still have it to this day. When he came home from work I was making a special dinner for him and he walks in with a card in hand. Thinking that he had already impressed me I hurried to open it and inside was a beautiful card and 6 packs of Lemonade flavored Kool-Aid. He had been saving his change here and there when he could , after our bills and bought me this lovely card and my favorite drink pink lemonade. I will never forget that day for the rest of my life. I realized I had finally found a man to spend my life with , who loved me no matter what and no matter what we had or didn't have. We would always have each other. In my 43 years of living this has been truly the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for me.
Well , that's my story. What's Yours?

Tina ;)
Best...humm let see. One day on Valentine's Day, when I was 20, I came home from a hard day at work after school. A note was hanging on the front door. A limo was out front. Instructions tapped on door to go meet my fiancee at the beach. After following them, from my fiancee, and taking the limo he had rented. I made it to the spot and he was on one bended knee with that blind Italian Opera Singer music playing in the back ground. Champagne, table, roses, and chair was set up; he asked me to merry him will a diamond wedding ring in a rose. I said I do. It was much more remember-able then the surprise party that had my best friends in the limo that picked me up. It for my surprise b-day party. Though that was also by my fiancee then husband.
My most Romantic story huh??? WEll I think that Romance is in the eye of the beholder. For some romance is about being Over the Top and doing things big. For me it's about the little things. No one would ever know my husband is a romantic but me. He always has been. He used to write me the most beautiful letters from college. One time I went to visit him there and he had all the fraternity pledges bring me in one rose at a time until I had a dozen in my arms. He salts the walkway for me so I don't fall, and just recently I was sick and he really took such good care of me and our household when I could not do it. But I would have to say the most romantic thing for me was on our first wedding anniversary. He gave me as a gift 2 movies. One was "The boy in the bubble" with John Travolta and the other was "Lethal Weapon" with Mel Gibson. Why is that Romantic you might ask? Well The boy in the bubble was the movie we were watching the first time we held hands. I know aaawwwww. Lethal Weapon was the movie we went to see on our first date. I know kinda dorky but to me soooo romantic. We have been together this year for 22 years (married for 12) and I still get butterflies when I know he is on his way home. I love my husband Bill.
The first valentines day that I was dating my now husband he sent me a dozen roses to the school I was teaching at. I think that is probably the most romantic thing he has done. He is not a big romantic. We hadn't been dating long and everyone oohed and auged. My class just thought that was too cool.
Well, I have to say, my story is similar to Tina's. I too had been in a crappy marriage with the man that in highschool had been my best friend. We didn't get together until years later after we had just broken off several year relationships. I thought no one would be better for me than my best friend, right? Wrong answer. After 8 years things were bad and he was into drugs and getting more and more violent. So I had him removed from our home. Then two weeks later our youngest son at the time, he had just turned 3, was diagnosed with leukemia and almost died. We were in the hospital for a year and I never received any help from my ex or his family, although financially they could have helped. Then again, I wouldn't have wanted their money anyway because I have always been independent and didn't want them thinking I owed them something anyway. But the offer would've been nice. The whole time we were in the hospital, my ex kept breaking in and taking anything of value. Halloween that year my brother said he would stay with Cody so I could go home with Dillon and go Trick or Treating and spend some time with him. We got back and went to sit down to watch a movie together as we like to do and the TV, Satellite System and VCR that I had purchased was gone. So we said, let's just cook together then, that was another thing we liked to do together. Guess what? No food. It was gone too.

Anyway, about a year and a half after Cody's diagnosis and dating several men that would start getting serious then disappear, I said I was done with men. Then one day the kids were gone and I was bored, ya' know how we all say that we wish that we could have a day to ourselves and you get one and then you don't know what to do because you are so used to taking care of everyone else? LOL Well, it was one of those days. I had AOL at the time and on the front page was an ad for Digital City Personals. Now, I had never met anyone online and hadn't planned on it, but I know how funny the personal ads are in a local downtown paper are. I can't think of the name of it, but's mostly about what to do in St. Louis. Anyway, so I needed a good laugh and decided to surf. The ads men have are very humerous, "Come date me I'm hot, lot's of money, nice care", etc,. And to me that is arrogant and makes any person ugly in my book. Then I came across this one of a 24 year old and did not even look at the pic because I was 30 with two children, one ill, two jobs and recently divorced. How much more baggage can you have? LOL But his ad was from the heart. So, I emailed him to say that I'm glad that your parents raised you right and that it sounded like you had all your ducks in a row. Of course in my usual style it was meant to be funny, but serious at the same time. Well with AOL there is the IM feature and the next thing you know he's IM'ing me. We chatted for a few hours and then he asked if we could talk. I said hesitantly, "Yes". So, I had him call me. We wound up talking from about 1in the after noon until 5 when my kids came home and I had to cook them dinner. Then he called me back about 5:30 and we wound up talking until noon the next day. Then for about a week we get on the phone about 10pm after I got home from work and got the kids to bed. and we would talk until noon the next day. Then I would sleep for a few hours, get up go to work and repeat. I finally on my way to work one night said that we needed to meet and have dinner after I got off of work. He agreed, although I told him I was not interested in a relationship with him. After that night even though I was not attracted to him and hated men, I asked him out again. Then two day later it was Christmas and he had no family here since he had moved here from VA just about year earlier, so I invited him to my grandparents for Christmas. Then a week later I woke up and said to myself, "This is the man that I am going to spend the rest of my life with". About a week later we said, "I Love You". And we have been happy ever since.

We have been together over 8 years now and have a child of our own as well as my older two. After a several year battle we now get visitation with his daughter in TN. And we still have not had a fight or argument and still love each other like we did when we first met. We think a like and love to laugh. And the romance doesn't stop, so there's no one thing that I can say that is more special than the other. He always rights me poetry and we leave each other notes all the time and leave them in weird places like the bag of frozen chicken tenders that he loves or in his wallet when he goes out of town or wherever. He always gives me the bigger steak, as if I need it. :) He always thinks of me when he goes out of town and gets me a souvenier, as well as the kids. He always tells me how much he loves me and how beautiful he thinks I am and wonderful he thinks I am. We never end a phone call or leave the house for a second or go to bed without saying, "I Love You!". I feel that every day with him is special and that I am so truly blessed to have him in my life. He has changed me in ways that I thought no one could. I'm not a diamonds type of girl, I'm a little things type of girl and he gets me. He also loves me whole heartily like I thought no one ever would or could. He is amazing and has stepped in since day one and has been an awesome dad to our children. My ex has nothing to do with our two children, unless they happen to be at his moms when he's there. And of course now that they are older (15 and 12) he says he wants to be a part of their lives because they are self sufficient now. And he hates when they call Scott their dad, but that's how they feel and they call my ex Gary. Which I think is a little funny on the inside. :)

I am sorry this is soooooo long, but being a detail oriented person I don't' understand the meaning of short. LOL But I will say from my heart that I wished that everyone on Earth could find someone in their life like I have. There would be no war or hatred or greed or crime. Everyone would just love each other. Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! May True Love find you if you don't already have it!

Hugs and Blessings to All!,
Jewel ;o)
I Don't Need "Happily Ever After" or a "Knight-In-Shining-Armor" - ...

I have this unwavering faith that there IS such a thing as true love - not the fairy tale, "Knight-In-Shining-Armor" kind, but one where you can be the truest version of yourself and are loved because of it - not in spite of it; a love filled with respect and adoration and a passion that comes from deep in your soul.

Perhaps I live in a naive fantasy land for believing in its existence, but the truth is that I HAVE FELT that love before... I know it exists; perhaps even been blessed by having felt and experienced it many times before...

I remember watching a movie with my boyfriend my junior year in high school and remarking out loud,

"That is such CRAP - not real life at all! That stuff only happens in the movies!"

That weekend while I worked in the department store at the mall, I turned around with my arms full of clothes from the fitting rooms and literally gasped out loud as I saw him walking towards me with the same three dozen, long stem red Colombian Roses, in his arms that we had seen from the movie.

He came up to me and gently kissed me and said,

"Don't be such a skeptic!"

At such a young age in the relationship spectrum, I had already begun to question the existence of genuine romance.

As the years have past, I've learned that romance is not always about grand gestures, as much as it is about small moments that stay forever engraved in my heart and memory...

I have been blessed every summer with the ability to remember my first date in the most magical way...

On the first dusk that it's warm enough to sit on the deck and watch the last flecks of the setting sun paint gorgeous strokes of purples and reds across the horizon, when the breeze is still warm and pleasurable, as the light of day slowly starts to dimmer...

I can feel it in the air even before it happens. I just close my eyes and say a little prayer of thanks, knowing that when I open them again, I'll see it...

It won't happen immediately as my eyes adjust to the changing light around me, but they're always there...

The fire flies...

... like little matches lighting the lawn and the lines of tree trunks.

I had never seen fire flies before that hot, humid, Georgia night. I noticed them dancing over the lawn next to the restaurant.

The first site of them takes me back to that first date with a boy who I shared an incredible connection with, a moment of happiness and goodness and hope.

That special time in your life when you live just for that moment - not knowing that it would just be a beautiful memory some day...

But love doesn't have to have magical fire flies or deep red roses to be memorable...

My most romantic moment was full of laughter and glee...

My boyfriend and I had been dating a few weeks when I went on a week-long cruise that I booked before we started dating.

I had booked it as a much needed getaway after several months of illness and treatments.

We pined for one another incessantly!

My first night back from the trip as we laid together in his bachelor pad, he looked at me desiring me, adoringly,

"Want me to turn of the lights?"

"No baby, I'm okay," I replied.

"Want me to light up a couple of candles?"

"No baby, I'm okay."

"... GREAT!

'Cause I don't have any candles!

Maybe I can light a paperback back perhaps!

I'll put it in an ashtray for you so we don't burn the place down!..."

I burst into uncontrollable giggles as he continued...

"The PILOT light! We can light the STOVE! That's ROMANTIC!"

Tears covered my face in laughter!

"Wait, we can't make love next to the stove - the cat's litter box is in the kitchen! That is NOT ROMANTIC!" he exclaimed as he finally grabbed me close to him as I melted into his arms...

I peeled myself away from him long enough to take a scrap sheet of paper from his nightstand and scribble our dialogue that night so that I would never forget the joy and comfort and love that I felt that night as we made love, thankful not to be laying next to the cat's litter box, by the light of the stove!

siempre - dorana

True Love really does exist, it just takes patience to wait for the right person to come along. Too many settle because they don't want to be alone. But you must be happy being alone and by yourself before true love can come along.

That's what I believe anyway.

Jewel ;o)
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