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i received a convo from a fellow shop owner asking for guidance on taking pictures for her store and information on my camera!

here is what i sent to her in reply! please add any tips or suggestions you may have!

check out my shop images!


i took all of my pictures outside on my deck in the summer and spring about two hours before sunset - when the shadows are minimal in that location.

make sure you're outside and dont use any flash.

most of those pictures were taken before i bought a new camera so you dont need anything fancy except a MACRO setting which looks like a little TULIP or flower icon on your camera - that's for close up pictures.

when photographing jewelry, most articles say to use a GRAY background because it it best to showcase most metals and colors and creates the best TRUE TO FORM COLORS - a white background brightens colors unnaturally and a black background doesnt let the natural light shine through and makes things look darker - so my deck is pretty perfect!

i dont want my clients to get an inaccurate perception of what they're getting so i also make sure to take as many pictures as i can in each listing. making sure to show earrings HANGING so that they can see how they hang and let the light shine naturally through the stones and putting them next to a coin for measurement and thickness - i also take pictures of holding the piece or wearing it if possible for the size perception.

it DOES take some time and practice, but pictures are probably the MOST important part of your showcase!

ive also tried to stick with a general theme to the images so that even if the piece is unique, someone can see the image and immediately think "that's a dorana design!" from the setting and angles.

i hope this helps and make sure to contact me if you need anything else!

siempre - dorana

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Great Advice Dorana. Thanks. Any suggestions about what to do in the winter time. You said you took most of the pictures in the Spring and Summer.
I don't have the luxury of having a nice deck outdoors for taking pictures. In fact, all I have is a little balcony, facing due North.. so there really isn't an option to getting a lot of natural light. I use a lightbox instead. You can buy one for cheap or for a lot, or you can make one for really, really cheap. This is how I made mine, and although I kicked out a panel while rearranging this weekend, it's SO easy to make and fix:

I use 3 of my brightest lamps around the sides of the lightbox to make it as bright as possible. I also get better results if I take pictures in the day when it's somewhat sunny. I use the macro setting for my camera like Dorana said. I also use the gimp (a free software, sort of like photoshop) to edit my photos if they need it.

I think I'm going to look into getting a nice gray sheet of paper and trying that for my background. I agree that it almost always looks good, and there are a lot of sellers that use it, and make it into the treasuries all the time. I use a white candle holder to show how my earrings hang, and I've been using a book as a prop for my pictures... just adds a little interest, and works since I have paper products and notebooks in my shop as well.

That's all the advice I have for now, but I agree, pictures are the MOST important part of your listing. Take them and retake them until you have something worthy of the front page! I'm still working on mine... just when you think you get them the way to want, you take some better ones and you have to improve them all again...


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