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How do I add items from OTHER handmade websites (other than Etsy) to my wish list?

Obviously, there are a whole bunch of different websites out there where people can sell handmade goods. Etsy is one of the most well known, but Artfire, 1000markets, and many others also cater to the handmade community.

So what do you do if all your favourite handmade items are on these other websites, and not Etsy? How can these be added to your wish list?

Unfortunately, we rely on Etsy's technology (the Etsy Mini) to display our wish lists - which naturally restricts the favourite items to Etsy items. As far as I know, none of the other handmade websites have this feature. It may be possible to create a widget that will add all items from all sites, but we need a computer programmer for that (I'm nagging my boyfriend to do it for me, but he's understandably busy with his real job).

So what can you do for now?

1. Many artists have shops in more than one location. So just do a quick Etsy search to see if you can find the seller / item you love from another site. When you're searching for the shop name, make sure you change the search options to "Sellers" (in the drop down menu).

2. Use your blog (it's on your profile page). Just add a new blog post featuring the items that caught your interest. Make sure to include a picture and links to the item and seller. This way, you can group items together (and make a "What I want for my Birthday" or "Handmade Wedding Ideas" post). By clicking on the edit button on the right of the "My Blog" title bar, you can change the view from being just titles to a detailed view (so that the pictures show).

3. If you have lots of pictures in a blog post, you might not be able to see them all. If you really want everyone to see the items, you can add them into the text box where you're Etsy Mini is. Just edit the text box and add in the pictures and links you want to show (how to add pictures and links).

If anyone has any other ideas, please comment!

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