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The main purpose of My Handmade Registry (MHR) is to show off your wish list of handmade items you find online. There are a few sites online where you can specifically find handmade items, and Etsy is one of them. There are other handmade sites, but Etsy has a nice feature called the Etsy Mini, which shows a sketch of your favourite items.

This tutorial will walk you through Etsy, the Etsy Mini and how to add the Etsy Mini onto your profile page.

1. First off, you need to register for an account on Etsy. To do so, click on Register at the top of the page and follow the instructions. You'll need to come up with a unique username and a password. You'll also need to have an email account. Once you've registered, go to your email account and click on the link in the email Etsy sent you. Now you're registered on Etsy and can Sign In at any time.

2. Once registered, browse around! On the front page of Etsy, you'll always find a beautiful treasury of Etsy items, as well as links to the showcases, giftguides and categories. You can browse through any of these, or search for something specific using the search bar.

3. Add your favorite items into your favorites. Once you've found an item you really want, you'll see a section called "Page Tools" in the sidebar on the right. Under there, you'll find a link called "add items to favorites." And it's as easy as that! You can find all your favorites by clicking the "Favorites" link at the top of every page.

4. Once you've added a few things to your favorites, you can make these into an Etsy Mini and show them off one your MHR profile page. First, go to Etsy, click on "Your Etsy" and scroll down to "Promote" in the left sidebar. Click on "Etsy Mini."

It will look a little different if you don't have an Etsy shop. It should look like this:

The Etsy Mini page looks like this. All you have to do is follow the steps on the page:

1. Choose items from your favorites.
2. Choose thumbnails (a small picture) or gallery (a larger picture with the item title, seller and price).
3. Choose the number of items per column and row.
You'll see a preview of the Etsy Mini underneath these options. Under that, there's 2 windows with 2 different versions of code. The first box has javascript code that you would use to add the Etsy Mini to a Blogger account. The second box is the Flash version we use to add the Etsy Mini to your MHR profile page. This picture shows the code highlighted:

When the code is highlighted like this, either right click and copy or hit Ctrl C.

5. Now we need to paste that code into the text box on your profile page. Click the "Edit" button on the text box, and paste the code into the main body (right click and choose paste, or Ctrl V). Change the title of the Text Box to My Wish List (or whatever you want) and click Save.

There you have it! Your Etsy Mini, showing off your favorites from Etsy, should now be on your profile page! To move it up to the top of your profile page, hover your arrow beside the title you chose. Your arrow should change to a little compass (a cross with 4 arrows). When that appears, click and drag the box upwards.

PLEASE NOTE: You can change your privacy settings on Etsy so that others can't see your favorites. If you have this set on, the pictures won't appear on your profile page. To change the privacy setting to public (so that everyone can see), go to You Favorites (in Etsy), click on Preferences, and choose Everyone (public).

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OMG! OK when i said "go for it uli!" i NEVER IMAGINED it would be this GREAT! i'm putting it on the FRONT PAGE BABY!
hey, what a neat idea!

I'm currently using the Txt Box and Ning won't give me a second one; what other place can I paste the mini etsy code to?

Ok, I just followed your instructions but I'm getting and error message! I checked my etsy privacy and it's set to public and I used the flash code not the script code in my text box but no luck!!!

I'm going to see if I can follow my etsy faves using the RSS feed? is that doable?

still exploring! :)
On the 5th step... Go to profile... Is this the public profile? I don't have an edit button. Are u talking about the shop page or the handmade page? I have fave's saved. But at a stand still at #5...

Thanks for your help!
Valerie... I know nothing about this computer stuff (sorry)
Hi Valerie! For #5, I meant your profile page on My Handmade Registry. To get there, just click on "My Page" up at the top. Once there, you should see an empty text box. At the top right of the text box, you should see an edit button. If you don't, hover your cursor over the title of the text box and it should appear. Let me know if that works! :)
okay, cool. i've done this but.... how do i add things from anyplace else? other than etsy?
Adding items from other handmade sites to your wish list isn't possible just yet - only Etsy has the Etsy mini for favourites. However, you can show us items from other sites by using your blog - found on your personal page (make sure to include a picture and a link) or by posting new discussions or in existing discussions in the groups. For example, if you want to feature something garden related, post it in this thread.
Thanks for the tutorial. I'm wondering, is there any way to choose which of your favorites you want to show? I would like to be able to make lists specific to a particular event or theme...kind of like a registry (or treasury on Etsy). That way family or friends can find out exactly what I am looking for if they are going to purchase something for me. Not all items I favorite are things I actually want someone to buy for me. Thanks! :)
Kimberly, unfortunately, there is no way to "order" your wish list. You can maybe open multiple accounts to show a couple of different wish lists (see this tutorial, especially the comments: You could also make "treasuries" using your poster sketch (, capture a picture of it, and post that picture in your blog. Only problem with that is that you would have to add in links at the bottom so that your family can find them.

Sorry I can't be more helpful than that. Unfortunately, we have to rely on Etsy's technology (which is why you can't feature handmade items from other sites in a wish list just yet)..... although I'm really nagging my computer programmer boyfriend to try to come up with something. :)
Thanks - these instructions were very helpful!
Linda - your Etsy mini is showing in your text box. Looks good. Now all you have to do is drag the textbox to the top of your page. Just hover your mouse over the title of the textbox & your arrow should change to a little compass cross. Once you see that, click & drag the box up.
Let me know if that works!

Hi Amanda,

I think I followed your instructions but for some reason only the java script code is coming up. Is there a setting that I need to change?

I also want to confirm that I am pasting this in the correct area. On my page just under my profile info there is a text box. Is that the correct area?

Looking forward to getting everything all set up! Thanks so much for your help!




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