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So now that you've got your profile page customized, and your wish list posted, you'd like to invite your friends to come and see. And heck, why not start making some new friends? Here are a few hints to help you along!

Inviting your friends:

1. Click the Invite tab at the top of the MHR page (right under the MHR banner).

2. This page will give you a number of options:

If you have your friends saved in your address book in your email account (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL mail), log in under the first option called "Import from Web Address Book".

If you have your friends saved in an address book application (Outlook, Apple address book, etc), click on the last option called "Import from Address Book Application". From here, upload a .csv or .vcf file from your computer (which you will have to export from Outlook or Apple address book).

If you're like me and aren't that organized, you can just manually enter in the email addresses of the friends you want to contact. Click on the second option called "Enter Email Addresses" and send out your invite.

If you participate in other NING sites (like WeLoveEtsy and IndiePublic), you can invite friends from those networks to this one. Just choose the second option called "Invite Friends" and select the friend you want to invite.

Adding new friends:

Any of the members on this site can be your friend! This is a great marketing tool, but can also help you get to know the great artists behind the products you love!

1. Browse through the Members pages (find the tab at the top under the MHR banner), and click on someone's name or avatar to see their profile page. Underneath their avatar will be a link called "Add as Friend"

2. Click this link and wait until they confirm you as a brand-new friend!

Accepting friends:

Before someone else can add you as a friend, you have to confirm that they are too! You will get an email each time someone requests your friendship, just click on the link in the email and everything will be confirmed. If you think you may have lost an email, you can double check under your Friends page.

1. Click on Friends found on the right hand side.

2. Here you can see all your friends. Beside My Friends will be 2 other tabs, if applicable. One is called "Requests Sent" and will show you everyone who hasn't confirmed you as a friend yet.

The other is called "Friend Requests" (you can't see it in the picture because I've already confirmed all requests, but it will be there between the other 2 tabs). Click on this tab and you'll see everyone who wants to be your friend. All you have to do is accept!

There, now I hope you're well on your way to accumulating a whole bunch of new (and tried and true) friends!

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