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When you first signed up for MHR, you had to fill in your profile information. However, it isn't set in stone - you can easily go change everything, including your name. Here's how.

1. First, click on over to your page. Under your picture / avatar, you'll see quick links to change your photo and theme (the colour and layout of your page). You can also get to your profile information by clicking on Settings in the right-sidebar. Settings will get you to the same page as clicking on My Photo.

2. Now you can change your email address, password, name (we suggest adding your Etsy shop name after your personal name so that Etsy friends can find you as easily as personal ones), profile photo and all the other profile boxes (including links to your shop, twitter, website & flickr). If you scroll right down to the bottom, you'll find the direct link to your profile - copy this link and email it to all your friends and family so they can see your wishlist!

On the left hand side, you'll see a link called Appearance. Click here to get to the same page as you would if you clicked on Theme on your profile page. Here you can change the theme of your profile page. For more information on this, check out the tutorial on customizing your page.

Also on the left hand side are links for Privacy and Email. In these, you can change the privacy settings (who gets to see what on your profile page) and email settings (which emails you wish to receive - like when you get a message, comment, group update, and so on).

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