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Your profile page is all yours ~ your little space on the site to personalize and use to show us a little slice of your life. This tutorial is going to show you some of the customizations you can do to your page.

1. Settings. You can find the link to your settings on the right hand side.

Settings will bring you to the form to edit your profile.

You can also click on the appearance tab at the left. You'll see this:

Click on the "Edit Appearance Page" to change your theme.

2. Theme. The theme is the layout, colors and background pictures on your page. You can get directly to the editing page by clicking on the "Theme" link under your avatar:

This, as well as the "Edit Appearance Page" link in your settings, will bring you to the themes page, which looks like this:

Scroll through all the different themes available and click on the one you want. To preview, you'll have to save and go check out your page. Underneath, there are some advanced options:

Here, you can individually change the color of you page, font, etc. Make sure to click on Save at the bottom. You can then go check out your page with its new look!

3. Avatars or profile pictures. You can change your avatar quite easily. Click on "My Photo" situated under your avatar, or click on settings as above.

Just click on the little box beside "Profile Photo" and browse through your computer to find the picture you want to use.

4. There are a number of applications you can find to add to your page. Click on the "+ Add Applications" link and browse through all the applications you can add. I haven't tried them all, so you'll just have to play around, click on everything, and if you need any help, just ask!

Already on your page is the blog application, where you can post just about anything you like, just like any other blog, and a text box. This text box can be used to show off your wish list (see discussion tutorial on this).

5. Moving things around. You can move almost all the "boxes" or "applications" on your page. Everything in the right sidebar, your avatar and the information underneath and your friends can't be moved, but everything else can! All you have to do is hover over the title of the "box" you want to move, and your cursor will turn into a compass if you can move it. You'll also see little arrows pop up at the left side of the title of the item you are moving. Once you see that compass, just click and drag to the spot where you want it.

This picture just shows the little arrows that pop up on the side (my cursor is hovering over the Status title bar, and of course the print screen doesn't show the cursor so you can't see the compass).

I hope this was helpful information in order for you to go ahead and customize your personal page. Leave comments if you have any questions or can't get something to work!

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amanda! i couldnt DREAM of a better leader for this group! we are SO blessed to have you! thank you for all of your hard work!

by the way... your profile page is PERFECT - so perfectly YOU!

siempre - dorana

Amanda is our resident GENIUS! We love her<3


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