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I've had this question a lot - how do you post your shop's Etsy mini on your profile? Once you have your wish list posted, this is simple.

1. Following the same instructions, go back to your Etsy and make up the mini code for your shop (instead of your favorites). Copy this code.

2. Go to your MHR profile page and click the "Edit" button for the text box you put your wish list in (you'll see the Edit to the right of the text box title).

3. You'll see the code you pasted for your wish list. Place your cursor at the end of all the code and hit enter a few times. Type in a title (like "My Etsy Shop") and hit enter a few more times. Then paste the code for your shop's mini.

4. Save. Now you should be able to see your shop's mini right under your wish list.

5. Don't forget to drag the text box to the top of your profile page! All you have to do is hover your cursor over the title of the text box. When the arrow changes to a compass/cross, click and drag the text box upwards.

There you have it! Now you'll be able to see the featured items in your shop (followed by the latest items listed) - updated automatically (well, when you update it on Etsy it will update itself automatically!)!

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Thanks Amanda!!
Very nice . . thanks Amanda!!!!

--- Michele Ciola
More Meaningful Gifts (MMG) Group Moderator


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