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How to COPY / PASTE - aka SAVING TIME with a template & keyboard shortcuts

Do you need to send out an email to a bunch of different people and are tired of typing the same words over and over again? Well, you don't have to!


1. Highlight the text you want to copy. You do this by left-clicking with your mouse at the beginning of the text you want to highlight - hold the left click while you drag to the end of the text. It should now be highlighted.

2. Right click and select copy. Or, even faster, hit the CTRL and C keys at the same time.

3. Click your cursor to where you want to paste the text. Right click and select paste or hit the CTRL and V keys at the same time. The text you copied should now be pasted where you wanted.


Need to send the same text to a bunch of different people - maybe over a long period of time? Make a template file so that you don't have to type the same thing over and over!

1. Open a Word, notepad or wordpad document and type up the message you will need to be sending repeatedly.

2. Save the document.

3. Now, every time you need to send out that message, open your saved document, copy and paste it and voila! You're done!

NOTE: Instead of highlighting the text in the document, you can highlight it all with a keystroke - hit the CTRL and A keys at the same time and the entire text is highlighted. Of course, this only works if you indeed want the entire text.

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Just to expand a bit on the keyboard shortcuts for Windows, here are a few more useful ones I use all the time:

CTRL and X is cut. The text you highlight will be cut out instead of copied.

CTRL and B is bold. Depending on your internet browser and where your cursor is, this may also open your internet bookmarks.

CTRL and I is italics.

CTRL and U is underline.

CTRL and S is strikeout.

CTRL and Z is undo.

CTRL and S is save.

CTRL and T opens a new tab (if your internet browser allows tabs)

CTRL and N typically opens a new document / window.

F5 refreshes your browser page.

F6 highlights the internet address in the address bar.

Tab allows you to move your cursor to the next box you can type in (in an internet browser). So if you're filling in a form, once you've typed your name, you Tab to the next box to type in your last name, and then tab to enter your address. If your internet browser has a Google or Yahoo search bar to the side of your address bar, you can use Tab to get from the address bar to the search bar.

ALT and Tab allow you to tab or browse through all the different applications you have open on your desktop. For example, if you have Firefox (an internet browser), Word, Excel and Freecell open and you happen to be playing Freecell when you hear your boss going by. Alt Tab will quickly switch you over to your Word, Excel or Firefox window instead. While you have both keys pressed down, you'll see a box appear in the middle of your screen, with an icon for each of the applications you have open. Press Tab (while holding down Alt) to pick which one you want to go to (if you have more than one open).

CTRL and ALT and DELETE open up the Task Manager in Windows.

Hitting the Windows key (usually between Ctrl and Alt) and L at the same time locks your computer (so that you need a password to log back in - I find this useful if I'm leaving my computer at work for a few minutes).
Great post Amanda! I love shortcuts! Many of these I use on a regualar basis, some of these I didn't know. Thx! :o)


Thanks for the tips! I did not know a couple of them!!
Wonderful tips there were two I didn't know of and I love your example about when at work!! SNEAKY!!! lol

These are really handy. Thanks for posting!
--- Michele Ciola
More Meaningful Gifts (MMG) Group Moderator
Thanks for the invitation to join!
I'm great at cutting and pasting, but I do like the template idea and look forward to using it.
Thanks for telling everyone about it!


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