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Dorana, our lovely website creator (creatress?), decided to remove the photos application. You'll no longer see them on the front page or on your profile page - they're gone. We, Dorana and her trusty admins, decided to do away with this section of the website because it was used merely for self-promotion. There are a ton of websites like that out there in the www... here, we want to create a community supporting other sellers. One where you can find out what to get for your friend's wedding, or your co-worker's baby shower, or for a new home house-warming gift. A place to find business advice. A place to send your family and friends to find something special for you. A place to find the perfect seller to make you a custom gift.

So check out this tutorial and add your wish list to your page.

Click on the Invite tab at the top and invite all your friends and family to join.

Now go lose yourself in the groups and forums. Feel free to comment everywhere and anywhere. And if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, feel free to start a new discussion asking or telling us about it!

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my wonderful kindred spirit! thank you SO much! i couldn't have said this better myself! :o)

siempre - dorana
Sounds good and makes sense. Thanks!


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