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Good morning everyone!

I want to thank you again for a wonderfully successful launch week! We are now working to put together the daily functions of the site as we continue to market and promote our Handmade Registry Website!

I'd like to start an OPEN FORUM DIALOGUE with everyone who is currently assisting and anyone who would like to know more about being a GROUP MODERATOR!

We currently have 8 GROUPS and I'm not quite sure yet what we're keeping and what we may be adding, which will be part of the discussion.


* Welcome new members and keep discussions flowing, address concerns, follow up with requests and questions - direct discussions to proper channels

* Each GROUP has a specific feature - as a GROUP MODERATOR - you commit to posting to a DAILY discussion, feature or link to a relevant site EACH DAY but also commit to a WEEKLY FEATURE to showcase in your group!


** In the Registry Groups (Wedding, House-Warming, & Baby) & MMG Group, you commit to finding a NEW WEEKLY SHOP/PRODUCT to feature - you will post an IMAGE linked to the shop owner and a brief description of the WEEKLY FEATURE.

The Weekly Featured Shop/Product should not be repeated or showcased in another group, so please make sure that you are checking the other groups to see what they're featuring. (We don't want to repeat the complaints that the SAME shoppes are always on the Etsy Front Page!)

These moderators must also make sure that they are contacting the Featured Seller about their feature in their group and send them the link to their write-up so that they can come and see their name in our lights!

These products and shops do not need to be just Etsy shops!

Please see Amanda's Tutorial in the NINGCompoops Group to learn how to create links into a discussion as well as images!

**You can feature your own store/product if it is appropriate for the group you run no more than once a month!

** In the Etsy University, Handmade Handbook, Premium Shoppes, & NINGCompoops Groups, there should be a WEEKLY FEATURE, TUTORIAL, IDEA, OR SHARE A LINK to a valuable resource in the appropriate group.

Several times a week, I will be choosing my FAVORITE FEATURE from your groups to showcase on the FRONT PAGE of our website as well as YOUR SHOPPE!

We will be posting a TUTORIAL on the GROUP FEATURES in the NINGCompoops Group SOON!

As well as building relationships with the members of each group and increasing your exposure to those participants, the group is YOURS to run! You can have contests, meetings, discussions, send invites and even create your OWN GROUP ICON!

We will be having contests outside of the groups to congratulate membership and group activity.

GROUP MODERATORS will have a FREE 125X125 AD for their Shop/Blog/Website featured on every page of the website, like the ones you see on the right hand border of the page under the flashing Ad.

Please take the time to evaluate the commitment to this project.

We will be putting a lot of money into the marketing and promotion of this site and need serious commitments!

Please let me know what Group you'd be interested in helping us run. If there are multiple people, we may have a couple of leaders to run the group and the daily and weekly responsibilities can be shared!

If you'd like to work with someone particularly, please contact them or reply to the discussion so that we can start putting together TEAMS!

I will be updating the site ADMIN ADS starting next week.

If you are a current Group Leader and would like to change groups or are not able to fulfill the requirements, please let me know!

I truly appreciate all of your support!

siempre - dorana

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