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My Handmade Registry - Etsy - Step-by-step set-up

Have you ever been asked "what do you want for _____???" (insert holiday of choice into the blank)?? Well, now instead of trying to describe what you like and dislike, you can easily send your family to your profile on My Handmade Registry. There, they'll be able to see your wish list of awesome handmade items you've hearted while browsing through Etsy. Plus, they can click on the item and be directed to the Etsy shop where they can buy it for you!

So you've never heard of Etsy? You've really been missing out! It's a site exclusively for handmade items. Artists and artisans from around the world can sign up and create a shop to hold their handmade items. You can then search through Etsy and find wonderful handmade items whose value far surpasses anything you would find at WalMart.

I thought I'd provide a step-by-step guide for anyone who's new to Etsy and My Handmade Registry and would like to sign up. Those of you who know what you're doing, head on over to My Handmade Registry, sign up (don't forget to thank the wonderful Dorana for setting this site up for us) and start having fun!

1. Go to and click on Register. You'll have to come up with a username and password, and have an email to link your account to.
2. Once your account is set up, browse around! You can search using the search bar, or click around through the categories, showcase or gift guides. Don't be afraid to click around.
3. Add items to your favourites. Once you've found an item you really want, you'll see a section called "Page Tools" in the sidebar on the right. Under there, you'll find a link called "add items to favourites." And it's as easy as that! You can find all your favourites by clicking the "Favorites" link at the top of every page.
4. Sign up for My Handmade Registry. Click on "Sign Up" at the right side and follow the instructions. You may have to wait a little while for Dorana to accept your registration.
5. Once registered, join some groups! To do so, click on the "Groups" tab at the top, and then choose which groups you want to join. Click on the title of each group, and then click on the "+ join GROUP NAME."
6. You can also add other users as friends. Click on the "Members" tab at the top of the page, and click on someone's avatar. You don't need to know them to add them as a friend - this is called networking! Once you're on that person's profile, click on the "+ Add as Friend" link you'll find under the avatar.
7. You can also modify your profile. Click on "Settings" which you'll find on the right side under your name. Here you can edit your profile. Click on "Appearance" on the left side, and then click on "Edit Appearance Page." Now you can choose whatever theme you like and modify it if you like. Click on "Save" at the bottom and check out you page!
8. You can move things around on your page too. While on your page, if you hover over the title of anything (Profile Information or Comment Wall) you'll see a little compass pop up. That means you can click and drag that box where ever you want it on your page. Feel free to add applications by clicking on the "+ Add Applications" link on the left side, under your avatar.
9. To add your wish list (AKA your list of favourites from Etsy), go to Etsy, click on "Your Etsy" and scroll down to "Promote" in the left sidebar. Click on "Etsy Mini." Choose items from you favourites, either thumbnail (just a small picture) or gallery (a picture including price and title of the item) and the number of items you want to show (in columns and rows). Scroll down to the bottom and copy all the text in the second window, the Flash version. Go back to "My Page" on My Handmade Registry. There should be a text box somewhere on your page. Click on "Edit" and paste the text you copied into the body of the text box. Add in whatever title you want (Wish List) and save. Now your wishlist should appear on your page!

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